Bug ID Summary Status Modified
#768156 The input on jordantbh.me/search is broken on focus Resolved 15/07/14
ETA: Unknown
#768160 Go to the extension's settings the more apps link does not link anywhere. Resolved 11/06/14
ETA: Unknown
#768157 The link to the donate pag/menu is broken 404 error is displayed Resolved 26/03/14
ETA: Unknown
#768159 Under tools the version is incorrect shows 1.3.5 on 1.3.6? Resolved 03/01/14
ETA: Approx 2014
#768155 The chrome filter is causing Google results not to load correct on win XP Resolved 23/10/13
ETA: Unknown
#768152 The save file function does not work on XP and windows 8 tehe Resolved 13/06/13
ETA: 15/06/13
#768149 it crashes on start up on 27.0.1453 Resolved 06/06/13
ETA: Unknown
#768148 When saving a file the dialog does not render correctly on windows 7 Resolved 29/05/13
ETA: 16/05/13

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